Hysteric sorry Historic driving for club members




Three members of Limerick motor club entered the 2012 Phoenix Park Motor races. James O'Mahoney was out in his vivid red Volvo 144 in the sunshine of the park. Jack Kingston was driving his Lotus Elan. Denis Hogan had bravely lent his BRM Hillman Avenger to former hillclimb champion Donal Griffin.

Qualifying went weill for them with no dramas.

At the end of a busy day racing at a sunny Phoenix park on Saturday there were no results available for the historic race. James O'Mahoney was pleased with his day's racing with many sucessful overtaking moves. Jack Kingston was less pleased although he enjoyed his race he had two braking moments that lost him a few places. It was a frustrating day for Donal Griffin, he started well and was up to 4th place in the opening laps until an electrical gremlin has restricting the revs in the BRM engine dropped him down the field.


Sunday morning the results for the Saturday race have arrived James 7th, Donal 8th and Jack 11th

The Sunday historic race was the last race of the weekend. James O'Mahoney had a great dice with Liam Murphy in a similar 140 series Volvo. Jack had a quieter race and Donal's electrical problems continued after a morning of diagnostics.

Sunday Result

James O'Mahoney, Jack Kingstown, Donal Griffin

Jack Kingston's Lotus Elan and Denis Hogan's Avenger sandwiching Conor O'Brien's Mini

James O'Mahoney's Volvo 144

Donal Griffin

Donal Griffin in action at the chicane.   Photograph by permission of Caora Dubha.com

Jack Kingston

Jack Kingston   Photograph by permission of Caora Dubha.com

James O'Mahoney

James O'Mahoney  Photograph by permission of Caora Dubha.com