Pathfinder Trophy28/29 December 2019
Event Cancelled

 Message from Kieran Ambrose regarding cancellation of event.

Dear all

I am writing this note with a heavy heart to explain to one and all that unfortunately due to lanes and farm yards that we had access and permission got for a number of months ago and where circumstances such as bereavements and change of road conditions and surface has happened, we in Limerick Motor Club have decided that the 2019 Pathfinder Night Navigation Trial is not going to run.

The amount of territory we have lost makes the event unviable to run from a competitor point of view and for this reason we feel it is better to inform all parties that had shown an interest in doing the event.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention two people that have helped and pushed and struggled to guide me along the way these are Greg Shinnors for his navigational planning classes and Gerard O'Connor for his huge efforts in promoting the event along with traveling to numerous night navigation trials already this year to promote the Pathfinder and bring back helpful tips in the planning and plotting of events.

There are others that have given of their time and effort in helping along the way to get access to different places but as they say “due to operational reasons they can’t be named”. You know who you are and I will be in touch again in the not so distant future to do more planning.

I hope we can go forward into 2020 and build on the planning that was already done and that we can make the 2020 event one to revive and remember the Pathfinder Night Navigation Trial for.

Again I say thanks one and all.

Yours in motorsport

Kieran Ambrose

Tuesday 3rd December 2019


The HQ is confirmed and will be revealed at a later date.

The organising team, led by Kieran Ambrose and assisted by the highly experienced Night Navigation Trial competitor Greg Shinnors, is working on the route. They have an outline plan but this is subject to getting permission from landowners and other interested parties.
Kieran will need people to help with PR (every house on the route has to get a PR letter minimum – ideally all the residents along the route have to be spoken to).

The plan is twofold; firstly to revive a club event which has not run in over 20 years and secondly to run a short straightforward beginner type event.
The route will be approximately 120km/75 miles, with about 30 time points and it will be possible to compete in a standard road car.
the organising team needs club members to support this event both as competitors or marshals on the night.
The event will need approximately 22 entries to break even, the event is Round 3 of 5 in the Munster Night Navigation Championship, the team is hoping for 12 to 15 entries from championship regulars, so the organising team need club members competing to make the event worthwhile.

You do not need a fully kitted Subaru Impreza for this event, it will be possible to compete in a standard 2WD road car but a sumpguard, spot lights & gravel tyres are highly recommended. Driver and navigator will need a MI or MSA competition licence suitable for a night navigation trial and the driver will need IRDS.

Scrutiny Requirements:
The car must have a current valid NCT or MOT (a valid certificate of roadworthiness).
You must carry a warning triangle, 2 hi-viz vests & a torch.
Only 2 auxiliary lights (2 spot lights) are allowed which must go out on dipped lights – LED’s/ LED Bars are Not allowed.

If any newcomers are interested and want to learn the basics before the night all are welcome to come to Greg Shinnors's kitchen table any Monday night between now & December 28, he will do all he can to help them. Places on the night are limited so please contact Greg in advance to book your place
Greg can be contacted at


Photos from Round 1 of the Munster Night Navigation Championship

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