RPM motorsport/Tyndall Productions Ltd. have made a special offer of DVDs at trade prices.

To avail of this offer purchases must be made through the club. Contact Mary Fitzgerald or Kieran Ambrose if you are interested.

A transaction with RPM Motorsport will not be made unless a minimum of 25 orders are made to Limerick Motor Club. If this is achieved DVDs normally costing €17.50 could be bought for less than €12.50, exact pricing will depend on quantity ordered

From RPM Motorsports press release

 The DVDs are almost 4hrs. duration and our special offer includes :-

1994 – McKinstry on Countback.  1996 – Fantastic Fisher.  1997 – Masterful MacHale.  1998 MacHale the Maestro.  1999 – Greer’s Year.  2000 – The Nesbitt Express.  2002 – Andrew Annihilates.  2003 – Derek’s Dream.  2004 – Double Top.  2005 – Eugene’s Euphoria.  2006 – Tripple Crown.  2007 – Playing with the Professionals.  2008 – No Bother to Boland.  2009 – Donnelly’s High Five.  2010 – Gareth’s Glory and our latest -

TARMAC 2011 – Tim Triumphant.  Tim McNulty, the first rally driver to win the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship and the Dunlop National Rally Championship in one year, and his co-driver Paul Kiely also went into the record books by winning his fifth Tarmac Championship.

Also available are our CLASSIC EVENTS SERIES:

Decades of Donegal, 35 years of the Donegal Rally, Park Like, 25 years of the Lurgan Park Rally.  Circuit of Ireland Heroes I, the first fifty years and Circuit of Ireland Heroes II which brings us from 1985 to 2009.

The Modified Masters, the Top 10 rear wheel drive rally cars.  Modified 2008, MKII action from the 2008 season.  On and Off I, on-board and crash action.  On and Off II, even more on-board and crash action.