Report on Joe and Jason's day in the forest

Report from Joe McCarthy about his day at the Tipperary Motor Club Sean Conlon Forest Rally 2 February 2014. Joe co driven by Jason O'Brien finished fourth in class 5A and 33rd overall with his Honda Civic.

"Jason and I did a bit of talking about going into try the woods to see if we would like it, we looked at getting another car to save my own car but it would have cost too much. We set up or own car and away we went.

We spent time watching the dvd and it was strange doing recce in front of the tv, when we got to Clonmel everyone was very helpful, we set off out to the first stage and it moved very quickly, there was no queue at the start line and we didn't get much time to change our minds ha ha ha, we set off from the line and found it very slippy and car moving around a lot but we took it handy and settled in but about two miles in we came into a 4 left and the car broke away and slipped into a small dyke but we where able to back out and get going again we were lucky that cars where left off a minute apart as we didn't slow anyone down.

We went on to the second stage, the long stage at 16km and it wasn't as slippy and we were able to push on a bit more and got the hang of it, back to service and had a check over of the car and found all was ok, back out for the second loop and had good fun on stage 3, stage 4 was a really good stage, we were a minute quicker than we where the first time round and had really good fun.

We were back in service and car loaded and home before 5.30, I won't be taking my Civic back in but I am looking to get a second car for the woods as it is the way to go as it does teach you a thing or two about driving. Looking forward to getting more seat time in  the woods."