Please read before using Club Shop

Please ensure that you use secure version of website. A lock will be before website address. Website address should begin https:// not http:// this can happen if an old link is used. It is recommended to enter by the homepage Welcome to the Limerick Motor Club Website or go direct to Membership page in the shop

Please ensure you have a good internet connection. Stripe may time out if there are connection difficulties.  Please be careful when typing your details into Stripe.

It is optional to set up to register for shop, to do so will store details for next time and check previous orders.

If paying for only yourself please state this is in  "Notes and special requests"

If paying for an extra membership or a different person, state this in "Notes and special requests". Put name and address of additional person in "Shipping Details" section. Your own details must be in "Billing details". Including this ensures that there is no confusion with MI who payment is for.

Make sure you tick "Terms of Service" box. All items in a form with an * (asterisk/star) must be completed.

Please note users of Bank Transfer option should complete transfer within 5 working days. Failure to do this may lead to further actions by the club.

Link to Motorsport Ireland competition licences application page

Shop will issue receipt by email, This can be used for MI licence application. pdf file attached to emailed receipt or screenshot of receipt are accepted by MI. Check that any notes made are in the receipt.


Two payment systems are available. For quickest processing please use the Stripe option, as there may be delays with the bank transfer option.

 1. Stripe

Card Payments are enabled using Stripe Payment. Stripe is registered as a financial service provider has with the Central Bank of Ireland.
Limerick Motor Club has no access to details put in the card payment form. Stripe will also issue separate receipt by email.

2. Bank Transfer

Please add Order Number and your name to the field usually called "Reference" in your bank's funds transfer system. Check the help icons to see which is visible to the Payee that is Limerick Motor Club treasurer. 


Comments and constructive criticism welcome at email below

For any other issues please contact club secretary

Thank you for your patience

Gerard O'Connor Webmaster 

25 May 2021

updated 18 Jan 2022