Irish Festival of Speed

Limerick Motor Club's Sprint at the Irish Festival of Speed provided competitors with an enjoyable pracice and 2 timed runs in intitially damp but later dry conditions.

In a generally incident free day drivers enjoyed the interaction with the many thousand spectators that came to the varied activites of the day. As well as the sprint there was Autotesting demonstation and runs by an autocross buggy and vintage motor cycles.


The practice run was in slightly damp conditions and unfortunately club member John Danaher misjudged the braking for the last corner and rolled his Ford Escort MKII


The first found drivers now testing the now dry course and lots of close competion was beginning. Simom McKinley in his Lant was leading Sylvie Mullins drving a Gould by 0.56s. The second run saw Simon dropping his time by 1.70s but Sylvie dropped his time by 2.82s to set the Fastest Time of the Day at 58.00s. Club member Paul O'Connell finished in third place


Paul's comment on the event

"It's been a day and I still can't get over the fact that a fantastic event like this took place in Ireland. Well done to all the Organisers, the Limerick Motor Club and the IFS committee. Very proud to have had a small part in setting it up and taking part. The Irish Festival of Speed lads should be an inspiration to us all that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to no matter what the obstacles. Well done lads, iIm proud to be Irish again!!"


Club members had a good battle in class 1 Eanna Carroll (Honda Civic) taking the vistory from Denis Hogan Jr (BMW M3) by 1.32s. In class 2 Eamonn Daly (EVO 9) finished 0.f7s behind class winner Peadar Hurson (Escort WRC).


Other club members that enjoyed the event included Bill Fitzgerald (Avenger), Ed Synan (Escort MKII), Dan Mulcahy (Escort Cosworth), Peter Cummins (Darrian), James Doherty (Avenger) Connie Ward (Mini), Trish Daly (Mini)


Full Results here

Results in PDF format here




Vantage Point Videos production on YouTube

Preview of Vantage Point Videos production on YouTube


Denis Hogan onboard his BMW M3 on YouTube


A another video on YouTube


Selection of photos by Ryan Rally Videos


The event was a great sucess with many competitors and spectators looking for a two day event next year.


A few words from the Clerk Of Course for the Sprint in Adare Manor


Dear fellow club members and visitors to the LMC website,

The Sprint in Adare Manor, which runs in conjunction with the Irish Festival of Speed is but a few weeks away.

A huge amount of preparatory work has been done to ensure the event lives up to the hype created around it to date.

The Sprint is a major part of the event and is in fact the centerpiece.

There will be cars of all shapes and sizes taking part in the competition along with demonstration laps of cars and motorcycles.

This is an opportunity for motor enthusiasts on the West coast to see racing and sports cars, including a 1993 Jordan F1 car being driven at speed. Some fine rally machinery has entered and you will see these cars at close quarters. We even have a hairpin so the handbrake will come in useful.

This is a showcase event and a great opportunity for the club to promote itself and possibly attract new members. The club will have a tent set up in the middle of the course where I expect about 4000 spectators will be congregating, weather dependant of course.

Online ticket sales are going well and the entry of 75 cars is just full, although I intend to take a few reserves, a first for a Sprint.

I will be closing the entry in the next week and will post an entry list on the website.

Best wishes

Donal Griffin


28 June 2011 

Limerick Motor Club is running a sprint in conjunction with the Irish Festival of Speed at Adare Manor on the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The sprint is a part of a much larger event, including historic and supercar displays, new car launches from Morgan and Maserati.

There will also be non car but motorised events with planes and boats.

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Irish Festival of Speed

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