Limerick Motor Club Crest

Very early badge

Very early badge from a private collection. It is reckoned that this badge was in use in the 1948 to 1952 period.

Information Source

Medal, white metal and enamel. Limerick/ Motor Club. In form of a wheel, with name on outer ring (tyre) and arms of Limerick at centre set on radiating lines (spokes). At either side at 3 & 9 o'clock are small winged wheels, with wings projecting outwards. Small wheels in black , outer band red and centre pink enamel. Suspension loop with ring at centre top.

Information Source

Limerick Motor Club enamel badge (1950’s / 1960’s)

A nicely detailed badge issued for the Limerick Motor Club depicting their crest.

Picture reproduced with the kind permission of John Waldron.

Enamels: 2 (red & blue). Finish: Gilt. Material: Brass.
Fixer: None, but there are two small holes drilled through either wheel on the left and right sides. These allow the badge to be stitched onto the jacket. Size: 1 ¼“ x 15/16” (about 32mm x 23mm).
Process: Die stamped. Maker: No maker’s name or mark.

1955 Crest

The above crest was used on print materials from about 1955

Radiator Badge.

25th anniversary

Window sticker for the club's 25th anniversary. The crest shown is a modernised version of the winged wheel. It is the only known use of this crest, records show traditional crest was back in use by 1975.

Presidential Chain

Crest as interpreted for the Presidential Chain in 1981. Variations from other designs include shamrocks in the name band and cross hatching instead of spokes in the side wheels and the castle has no windows.For more information on the Presidential Chain click here

Letterhead crest on official club stationery. Two colour black and blue (1990s)

Window Sticker

Window sticker from the late 1990s

Cloth badge from the 1990s. Note incorrect use of cross instead of pennant on castle

50th Anniversary badge

The 50th anniversary badge was presented to competitors in club events during 1998 in a presentation box.

1998 Retro

Door panel for Circuit of Munster Retro rally run on the Monday of the June public holiday weekend. It was done in the style of 1950s trials with a combination of navigation and tests.

2010 Lapel badge

Badge from about 2010



Crest of Limerick Motor first used in 2011

Badge created in 2013 for Limerick Motor Club, first used at the 2013 Irish Festival of Speed sprint


2013 Monochrome crest

Left etched on glass used on the trophies for the 2015 Sprint at Effin. Right printed sticker used on the trophies for the 2016 Sprint at Effin. 

Crest used on club blazer and below similar design used in 2017


Crest used on jackets designed 2017. See Club Merchandise page to buy jackets 

Crest used on shirts for the 2019 Circuit of Munster rally. The cross instead of pennant error is still there in the embroidered image.