Kieran Ambrose 
Chairperson Aidan Walsh

Eamonn Barrett

Secretary Eamonn Barrett e-mail: s
Phone e_b

Other directors

 Ed O'Callaghan
Ed O'Callaghan

Denis Dineen
Denis Dineen elected 2 March 2016

Maurice Meskell elected 2 March 2016

Gerry Lynch
Ger Lynch co opted October 2016

Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy elected 5 April 2017

Breeda Ryan

Breeda Ryan Elected 7 March 2018. Breeda had previously retired 4 February 2015

Ger Healy
Ger Healy elected 1 May 2019. He has also taken on the role of assistant secretary. Ger had previously retired 11 July 2012

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