Some Results

Some results from the 2016 Killarney Historic Rally
Owen Murphy and Anthony Nestor first in class D5 and third overall in the Historic rally with a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus
Dave and Rita Dee third in class B2 and 35th overall in historic rally and with their Austin Mini Cooper S
Ken Lyons and Paddy McDonnell ninth in class 6 and 27th overall  in the modified rally
Jason Costello and Jonathon Keane fourth class 5 and 29th overall in the modified rally
Stephen Bawn and Chris O'Donnell 18th in class 6 and 56th overall in the modified rally
Denis and Donal Dineen eight in class 3 and 44th overall in the modified rally.
Declan Gannon and Cathal McGrath 11th class 7 and 50th overall in the modified rally

Full Result

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