The Pathfinder was competed for in navigation trials, these are night time events where skills in map reading and other route defining methods determine the winner.

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25/26 November 1977 the event was held on a Friday night/Saturday morning in the Barnath Mountains. The run was over 80 miles and the conditions were extremely tricky because of ice. Of an entry of 25, only 17 started and less than a quarter of this number managed to finish.

1 Pat Maloney and Eddie McCourt (Autosave Imp) 87 points 2 Donal Griffin and Shawn Wall (Commodore Hotel Twin Cam) 113 points 3 Tom Casey and Catherine Casey (Imp) 156 points

24/25 November 1978 Winners Sam Hawkins and Michael Daly (Ford Escort) Class I: 1 I Wren and E Griffin, 2 P Sheppard and M Sheppard. Class II: 1 Tony O'Mahoney and Vincent Toughlan (Dowling Chevette), Novice: John Walsh and Billy Brett 

26/27 November 1982 date of event mentioned in newspaper

7 February 1996 The Pathfinder was given to Novice winners Ed O'Callaghan and Gerard O'Connor (Austin Montego)