club crestGalway international Rally Marshal Meeting Point

Marshal meeting point for Galway International rally - Corrib Oil Loughrea at 7:15 am Sunday 2 February 2020 for Stage 3 Black Road.

This is the first chance for a competitor to marshal a rally event to get a the required signature for a competition license application next year.



 Please contact Evan at details below if can make it.


Evan MaherEvan Maher has been appointed as club Chief Marshal 11 November 2018

Evan can be contacted at

Or send text message to

Photo taken at the marshal meeting point for the 2018 Limerick Motor Club autocross 9 December 2018







February 2016 to November 2018 Joe O'Sullivan Chief Marshal 


2013 to 6 January 2016 Cathal Mansell Chief Marshal